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Hi, I’m Nishant. I am a blogger and a web developer. I write articles related to tech, blogging, and digital marketing. I love marketing from a very early and web development, I have learned by the time.

These are the two things that I love and I can do it for 24 hours a day without felling any bore type of things.

I run multiple blog related to these hobbies and you might have seen my articles on Google Search Results.

Because I am from Bihar, I know Hindi well and I run Hindi Blogs As well. I own one of the awesome and fastest growing Hindi Blog in India. I hope You have read our articles and seen our blog but I can not make our blog publicly because competition can destroy anything.

There are tools in digital marketing that can make our work fail which I do not want. Even I suggest you If you have a blog and if you can live without revealing then please do not make public because competetion is growing day by day. Please do not apply this for the company blog, It’s for blogs who are in the early stage.

And hey I will reveal our blog in long term.

You can be my friend on Social networks by clicking the links below.

About Nishant Digital

Nishant Digital is a digital marketing company in Masaurhi, Patna (Bihar).

At Nishant Digital, We help businesses and professionals to grow digitally by providing quality digital marketing services. We can do everything that they needed.

We provide web development services, Content writing services, Social media management services, Search engine optimization services, and Google Adwords services.

Tools That We Use

Without having tools, no one can grow in digital marketing. we spend more than 500$ every month on tools. Here are some awesome tools that we use.
1. SEmrush (All in one digital marketing tool) – Get 7 days free trial
2. Foundee
3. Postaga (Outreach tool)
4. Divi Theme (Complete Package (249$) – Get 20% discount on elegant themes subscription)
5. Astra Theme (Starting at 47$)
6. Elementor Page Builder (Starting at 49$)
7. Plugins (Read this article – Must Have Plugin For WordPress Website.)
8. Crello (Canva alternative) – Get 3 Months Free
9. Managewp (Clients website management tool) – Try Managewp for free
10. Google analytics – Free tool by Google
12. Google Search Console – Free tool by Google
And Many More


We invest lots of time researching things and techniques that work really well. In this way, We will keep improving our services over time. In long term, We will make our services more advanced than ever. This is our long term vision.

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