5 Best WordPress Themes (Free and paid)

Here are lots of WordPress themes available in the market but all the themes are not usable. some themes are not user friendly, Some themes are not responsible for all the devices. So, Today I am here to tell you 5 best WordPress themes by keeping these things(Responsive and user friendly) in mind.

But before we start let me tell you the difference between Free and Premium themes.

Difference between free and premium themes

  • Free is free and Premium is paid.
  • Premium themes come with lots of features.
  • You can do more customization in the Premium theme.
  • Premium themes come with the fast loading speed and lots of free designed templates.
  • You will get support with Premium themes.
  • You will get updates with premium themes.
  • Premium themes look more unique than free themes.

So, If you want to do blogging for a long time or become successful in blogging then I suggest you guys to invest in themes and plugins because It is not the waste of your money It is an investment in your career. With Tools, Blogging will be easier This is why I suggest you to invest in tools.

With that, we come to our exact topic that is the 5 best WordPress theme for 2020.

Generatepress Theme

Generatepress is one of the best fast loadings, responsive, secure, and search engine optimized WordPress themes. Generatepress has been loved by more than 2.6 million WordPress users.

Even I am using this time for a long time and Loving it. This is a great WordPress theme. Lots of big or popular websites and blog owners are using this theme.

Generatepress theme has both the plans (Free and paid). So, if you have not money to spend then you can use a free version. If you want to buy this theme for one year in 49$ only but I suggest you go with the Lifetime plan. You can check the prices by clicking here.

Astra theme

Astra is a very lightweight time. It is a responsive, user friendly and SEO friendly wordpress theme. Astra has been loved by more than 8,00,000+ wordpress users.

Lots of popular websites are using the Astra theme to make own website and blog responsive, user-friendly, and SEO friendly.

Astra theme comes with both the version(free and paid). But today I am giving the pro version of this theme for free. All you have to do is fill the form below and claim the theme for free.

Divi Theme

Divi theme is a multipurpose wordpress theme. It means you can make any kinds of website and blog with divi.

It is created by elegant themes. Divi has been loved by 6,85,000 wordpress users. Lots of element come with it such as Divi builder, Monarch plugin, Bloom plugin and lot more.

Since Divi is an advanced theme It comes in the only paid version. You can check prices here.

Oceanwp Theme

Ocean WP is a light-weight and highly extendable theme that helps us to create any types of websites we want.

You can customize it more using popular page builders including Elementor,Beaver Builder.

Oceanwp is one of the best and most customizable WordPress theme. It comes in both the versions (free and paid). If you can not buy the pro version then you can use free version. free version is better as well.

Newspaper theme

Newspaper is one of the popular WordPress theme for news and magazine website.

90+ one click install demos comes with it. You can use any design you want by your usage. Newspaper theme comes with lots of amazing features and tool that enable us to create a awesome website and blog.

Newspaper is one of the most selling WordPress theme. You can check prices by clicking the link below.

Which theme do you need to use?

Today, We are working with 30+ websites. So, we have idea about the themes and we want to share it with you.

  • If you run the blog without advertisement then Generatepress is the best theme for you.
  • Divi is the best theme to make a pro website.
  • If you write daily 4-5 articles on your blog then the Newspaper is best for you.

Conclusion – Your website design is a very big factor. It makes your site SEO friendly, user friendly and reponsive. So choose a theme that looks better. One more thing I want to say you is Do not change the design of your website if you are doing well in industry.

Thanks for reading. Bye Bye

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  1. Hey Nishant Digital ,

    Great post with best wordpress themes. I truly like the list of several wordpress themes that you have included on your post, whereas your all the listed themes are effective and offers helpful features.

    You have mentioned key points to differentiate the free and premium themes.

    Generatepress is one of a best seo optimized and fast loading theme with more than millions of users. Divi theme is also a great and multi-tasking theme that allows user to create any type of blog and website.

    Your all the suggested themes are amazing but i truly like an idea of using Divi theme, Oceanwp theme, Astra theme and Generatepress theme.

    As this post will help several people and readers who are looking for the best theme for their wordpress site.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.


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