30 ways to earn money online from home in zero Investment

If you think making money is possible when you are working 9 to 6 in your office. Today, I am here to tell you this is not the whole truth. there are people who are making money by working at his home because these guys are passionate about their own work and they are making millions. Earn money online

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  • You will get an idea about online work.
  • You can find a passive income job.
  • You can live a boss free life by doing these works.
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Here are 30 proven ways to earn money online. now, we will start explaining ways.

Earn money by App Referring

App referring - earn money online

There are a lot of apps in the market that pays you when you share the app with friends, family, and others.
Now, here is a question. Why a mobile app company will pay you?
The answer is very simple. When you share any app to others you are paid only once but the man to whom you have shared the app becomes a customer of the app and then the company earns millions from it. Think, you get 25-1000 rupees but the company in millions. This is the business model of the app referring company.

but you do not need to think about these things because there is a company.he can do anything to earn.
but here is an interesting thing. share and earn. Try this way because this is very easy when you talk about earn money.

Earn money by sharing a short link

If you use WhatsApp or any Messenger, you must have seen many times that if someone shares a short link to you and you try to visit, you get a page of the short link website. but why?
Because the link is monetized. The sender earns a commission from the short link website when you click on the link because the sender promoted the short link website.

but why a company says you to create short links and earn money?

Because when you shorten a link on the short link website, the short link website adds a promotion to the link and then if someone clicks, the link promotion will be shown and the man who shorted the link on the short link website will be paid. This is the business model of the short link website.

but you do not need to think about these things because there is a company.he can do anything to earn.
but here is an interesting thing. short link, share, and earn. Try this way because this is easy when you talk about earn money.

Write articles and earn money online

Write articles - make money online

If you interested in writing then there are lots of websites that are finding content writers for his website.but in this work you need to become an expert in any one niche. like. tech, health…

so if you want this work simply go to the website and visit ‘we are hiring’ page and apply for a job. in this case, you need a laptop or a computer.

but if you want to invest some money(1500-2500) for your business then please scroll down and read the next way.

Earn money with blogging

Blogging - Earn money online

If you have knowledge about tech, health or anything then please start your own blog and start making money in some days.

For blogging, you need some money because it will become your business. With this business, you can earn millions in the future. You can become a brand and earn in crore as well.

Some money- For launching a blog you need to purchase a domain and hosting.in this you need to spend 2000-2500 rupees only.

think, you will be able to start your online business in 2000-2500.

I have ALSO created a fully WordPress guide on ‘How to start a blog in 2020’

If you want to start your business with no money then read this- ‘How to start a free blog’

Earn with Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing - earn money online

If you are more serious about making online money and you are a hard-working guy then affiliate marketing is for you.

Have you ever thought you could make money by referring people to Amazon or Flipkart.

I don’t know if you have noticed this but if you take a look at all the e-commerce sites in India like. Flipkart,snapdeal,amazon,eBay.You will find a link called ‘make money with us’ or ‘Become an affiliate’ at the end of the page.

this is the place where you can create your account and make money with blogging.

If you want to learn Affiliate marketing for free click here – Affiliate Marketing

Earn money by Freelancing

Freelancing - make money online

This is another popular way to earn money online. There are lots of freelancing website which offers you to become a freelancer.

If you want to become a freelancer then go to the freelancer website and create an account then apply for a project and earn money by completing the project.


  • Design a website
  • make a logo
  • edit video
  • write articles
  • create app
  • SEO
  • Design graphics
  • Data entry
  • Digital marketing

These kinds of work you have to do for other people or companies and you get paid.

Become a Youtuber

Youtuber - Earn money online

This is a trending way to earn money online because everyone has the best camera smartphone.so start making videos upload on youtube and earn.

in this way, your income depends on love or engagement with your audience.

Lots of YouTubers making lots of money from it and today this way is popular on the internet because when you get subscribers on youtube you can transfer them to Instagram and twitter then receive a brand deal and earn.

this way is a mixture of all the ways.

Start A Online Tutor

Online tutor - Earn money online

Online Tutor- Teach online, solve other problems online and …..

If you have a good knowledge of any subject or niche then you can start your online tutor and work hard.

let me tell you through example-

Let that you are a teacher. you need to connect more teachers from your circle then start a website together and then start teaching.

There is a simple question.

How to make and manage a website? don’t worry. we have a complete tutorial about that you can check it out by clicking here. even lots of videos available on youtube as well.

but having all these things you will have any problem then we are here to help you. you can email us we will help you separately.

Become an app developer

App development - earn money online

These are the which have a GREAT future and lots of money as well. You can learn app developement from paid or free course which is available out there.

you can enroll in a paid or a free course in udemy or watch videos on youtube.

if you have not idea about which course i have to take then here are few free and paid courses for you.

You can become a pro developer in some month while you are starting from stratch.

Make money by sumbitting surveys

submitting surveys - Make money online

Surveys are really easy ways to make money. lots of companies or website in the market are hiring people for this work.

In surveys, all you have to do is go to survey site. make sure the site is trusted. If not then I suggest you to go with trusted companies.

next step – after going, answer the few question and you get paid for it.

If you are wondering for trusted sites then here is the list for all.

Make money by selling courses

selling online courses - make money online

Selling courses is the risky way to make money because it take trust of the seller. If your client feedback is not good then you can not do this work in easy manner.

firstly I suggest you to do masters in a seperate topic then implement your education and after then create a detailed course about topic.

If you want tutorial then here one for you.

Create a ebook and sell online

Selling Ebook - earn money online

Here is a work with 100% commision. In ebook, create yourself, sell youself all these things are free.

This is as like as course selling. You have to make trust by giving the best value to the reader.

How to do – Free courses are available but here are step by step guide.

Use Microsoft (free) to create an ebook and sell it through Instamojo. it is free as well.

Create a e-store

create a store - make money online

This is a fantastic way but you have to invest.

You can create an eCommerce store such as Flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, and list your products there and you get paid by selling your product. But If you have a product but not want to fall in the risk of creating a site then the next work is below for you.

Become a seller on ecommerce website

E commerce store - earn money online

You have listened to the name of eCommerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon and lots more.

You can sell your product on these ecommerce store and by doing this you will get a passive income.

Here is how to become seller on ecommerce store.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best and trusted way to make money online. firstly, Lets see, what is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is all about giving value to your followers and in return, You can influence them to buy product and services.

Through influencer marketing, You can pormote companies product or own product and services as well.

Start A Podcast

Podcasting takes time but you can make much more money with that. But firstly, Lets see what Podcasting is?

Podcasting is a way to give value through your voice. Some people are giving value through blog, some are giving through YouTube channel but in podcasting, You have to give value through your podcast.

You can start your podcast on anchor. It is a free platform to start a podcast.

Know more about anchor and podcast.

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