30 ways to earn money online from home in zero Investment

Do you want to earn money by sitting at your home?

If yes then this article will help you a lot to simplify your thought and give you an idea about what you can do online to make money from home.

If you are thinking to earn money online then you need to have patience because You are not going to earn from the first day. It takes time so it is important to have patience.

Some of the ways that I have discussed in this article are totally free to start but for some ways, You need to invest little money.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancers are the people who work for others (Individual or Company).

Freelancers can make 200$ to more than 1000$ on the monthly basis.

This is a popular way to make money online investment. Just go to websites like Fiverr, freelancers, and Upwork and make your profile.

after creating the profile, list your expertise on them and then you will get project from there.

You can get paid by completing your project. Creating Profile is totally free so you can try this once.

You can also create portfolio website and sell your services there but In my opinion, You should do the both. (Make your profile on freelancing sites and Make your own portfolio website.

The Main Factor:- You will not get projects in starting days But Here’s How to get projects in starting days.

Go To Facebook and search for Keywords like. Freelancer project and Freelancer work.

Join those groups and get your project from there.

Here You can see that someone is hiring a WordPress developer. If you have knowledge about WordPress website development then you can message them.

Keep In Mind :- In starting, You don’t have to think about money. You have to think only about Getting project because once the projects will start comming you will get lots of money.

Writing Job

If you love to write then you can make money by writing articles, Ebooks or more.

You can write for a company or for the individuals.

You can do this part-time or full time. It depends on you.

So if you have writing skills and you want to make money with it then you can find a writing job for yourself.

You can write for yourself as well. for this, you have to start a blog only. I will talk about this as well in coming ways.

Create Content On Youtube

You must have seen videos on youtube. The people who make these videos, get paid by brands and google Adsense.

If I talk about how much they get?

Earnings depend on their fan following and engagment and language as well.

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