How to add email subscription to WordPress Blog

Do you want to add email subscription to the WordPress blog? If yes then welcome, Today I am going to show you How to add email subscription to WordPress blog for free?

Why Email Subscription?

By Email Subscription, your visitors can subscribe your website or blog using email and after that you can send emails to them about new posts, offer, sales and lot more.

It is an easy and fastest way to convert your visitors into customers. because all other ways(SEO, Social media marketing) take time but in this way, You need only the emails. You can send the email at any time you want.

Email marketing – Collect emails and do marketing with them it’s called email marketing. You can sell own products, services or you can promote other product or services and earn through the affiliate.

How to add email subscription form?

Install A Plugin

To install the plugin, you need to do 3 steps.

Go to dashboard >> Plugins >> Add new

installing plugin - email subscription form in wordpress

Search for email subscribers and newsletter

plugin for email subscription form

Install this plugin and activate it.

You have successfully installed the plugin and Now, you need to create a email subscription form for capture visitors email.

Create a form

To create the form, we are going to do 2 steps.

Go to dashboard >> Email subscribers >> Forms

forms - email subscription in wordpress

Here, You can see that one form is already there. You can customize the form by clicking on the edit.

By clicking edit, You will get form like this

editing form - email subscription in WordPress

Here you will get 6 option. lets understand it one by one.

  1. Form name – In this box, you can give the name of your form. (example – Technology form, health form or whatever you want)
  2. Description – You can write a description of your form. (example – Form for mobile photography ebook enroller)
  3. From fields – In this, you have three options.
  • Email – user can fill their email.
  • Name – user can fill their name.
  • Button – after filling detail, the user will click on this to subscribe.
  1. Lists – It is asking you to choose a list where you want to store the emails coming from this form.
  2. Allow contact to choose list – If you enable this feature then users can choose their list himself.
  3. Show GDPR consent checkbox – If you enable this feature then the user will get a checkbox that says user to accept terms and condition or anything you want.

Now, customize your settings and click on save changes.

save changes - email subscribers in wordpress

By clicking on save changes, you form will be created sucessfully.

How to add this form to different different part of your site?

After creating the form, you need to add it to your site so that visitors can subscribe to your site.

To add the form to different areas on your site, you need to do four steps.

Go to dashboard >> Email subscribers >> forms

form for email subscription in wordpress

Copy the short code of the form.

short code to add form in wordpress

Paste the shortcode where you want to show the form.

you can add this form in the sidebar, footer area, in posts or everywhere you want to show. all you have to do is go to the area and paste the shortcode.

In the sidebar

Go to dashboard >> Appearance >> customize >> Widgets >> Right sidebar >> Add a widget >> Text >> Paste the shortcode >> Publish

subscription form in sidebar
In post
email subscription form in post

Bonus Part

How to get more email subscribers?

  • You can create a popup using elementor pro for better results.
  • Offer free ebooks, courses, or anything.
  • Run giveaways
  • Invite subscribers through your social networks.

Here is a amazing video by Neil patel.

Conclusion – If you want to create email list then you need not to have a advanced software. you can start with free services.

This is the guys, How to add email subscription to WordPress blog.

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