11 Must-have plugins for WordPress website in 2020

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for your website to skyrocket your traffic, Business, and Revenue? here are some WordPress plugins that will help you to add more features to your WordPress website.

After doing lots of research, We have a list of 11 WordPress plugins that you must use for your WordPress website.

There are approximately 60,000 wordpress plugins are available in the planet and choosing a best one is very harder. This is why, Today we are revealing this list of 11 plugins.

Before we start, These all plugins are not free. some plugins comes for free, Some plugins have pro version and some plugins have both.(free and both)

Now, Lets checkout the plugins one by one.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast is the on page SEO plugin. It is one of the best plugin for on page SEO on the planet. It is recommended by SEO genius. Yoast makes super easy to make our site SEO friendly. after installing yoast SEO plugin, It shows tips to help you on first page of google.

Yoast comes with both the versions(free and pro). Free version is better but Pro version is even better than that.

So, If you want to make on-page SEO super easy then install the Yoast SEO plugin today.

Site Kit By Google

Google sitekit - wordpress plugin

Site kit comes directly from Google. It is amazing plugin to see analytics, adsense, search console or you can say all the google product dashboards in your wordpress dashboard.

It is very useful and easy to use plugin by google.

It has support of multiple google products.

  • Google analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Google search console
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Tag manager
  • Google optimizer

Google site kit is totally free. It has not pro version.

So, If you want to manage all the google product in your wordpress dashboard then install site kit by google plugin. It’s amazing.


Smush - wordpress plugin

Smush is a great plugin to optimize or compress images. It is a award winning plugin for this work. Smush makes super easy plugin. You will have to install and activate only. after that it compresses you image automatically.

Keep in mind Compressed images fast your page speed and fast page speed helps you in ranking.

Smush has free and pro both the versions. If you have the budget then go with pro version if not then no problem Install the free version.

So, If you want better page speed and higher google ranking then Install and activate Smush today.

Contact form 7

Contact form 7 is an amazing plugin. It enables your visitors to contact you. It is a form plugin. In which, You can create awesome forms without any stress.

It is an amazing way to contact you for your visitors. It is free and easy to create forms without any stress.

So, If you want to live in contact with your visitor then install Contact form 7 plugin today.


Elementor is a page builder plugin for wordpress. In my opinion, It is one of the best page builder. It enables you to create amazing pages just using drag and drop.

Elementor has both the versions(free and pro). Elementor has some limitation but elementor pro is mind blowing. You can do everything with elementor pro.

Using Elementor pro, You can create a custom homepage, Archive pages, Sections, Landing pages, and even you can design your blogpost with it.

One more thing, Elementor pro offers some amazing features like popups and so more.

So, If you want your website well customized or designed then use Elementor. Elementor is better but Elementor pro is even better than that.

Updraft Plus

Updraftplus is a backup plugin for wordpress. It enables you to take a backup of your site. It is free plugin.

Using updraftplus, You can take the backup of site easily and even updraftplus comes with automatic backup setup features, The backup will be saved without any hustle.

Why Backup?Let’s say you are changing your website’s design and by mistake, you have done mistakes. In some situations, your website may not work. In this situation, You will need a backup to recover your site.

Here is a amazing video by Website Learners

Alright guys, Taking backup is very important because no one will want to loose their work.

If you want to take a backup of your site then install the Updraftplus plugin today. It is free.

Structured Content

Structured content is one of the best plugin to add faq to our site. Using this plugin, you can lots of things but i use it personally to add faq to our site.

FAQ means Frequently asked question. It shows on search engine as well.

FAQ helps us to drive more traffic to our blog. Let’s say, someone wants to know about digital marketing. He searched Digital marketing on google. Google will show the result. Hubspot is ranking number one of digital marketing but visitor only wants to know about what is meant by digital marketing?

Here is the exact question available in FAQ. see hubspot is ranking number one but someone else getting the traffic and these traffic can increase your ranking.

So, if you want to add FAQ to your WordPress website then install structured content right now. It is available in both the versions(Free and Paid). If you can not afford for paid version then install the free version. it is enough for you. It is an amazing WordPress plugin.

Easy Table of Contents

Easy table of content is a best plugin to add table of contents to your site. If you have a blog then you must use this plugin. It will make your blog user friendly.

This plugin will add a box like this in your blog post.

So, If you want to make your site user friendly then install this plugin right now. it is free and responsive for all the devices.

Monarch social share plugin

Adding social share button is very easy in WordPress and profitable as well because you can see the traffic sources of online media sites. They get roughly 18% of their traffic from social media only.

If you want to add a social share button on your site then you can use the monarch social share plugin. Monarch comes with elegant themes subscription but you can buy it from an individual from the GPL store as well.

We have written a complete article on How to add social share button in WordPress using Monarch. You can set up it on your site easily by reading that guide.

Tidio Live Chat

This is not a plugin but it add a amazing and helpful features to our site. Using Tidio, You can add live chat to your website to help visitors.

You can use Crisp plugin as well but I love tidio.

Bloom Email Optin

Bloom is an email opt-in plugin for WordPress. using Bloom, You can add an opt-in form to your site.

Bloom comes free with elegant themes subscription but elegant themes subscription is very costly but you can buy Bloom from GPL store as well.


If you want to add more features to your site then You need to install plugins. but keep in mind, always install the best plugins because bad WordPress plugins affect your site speed and more.

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